Reddit News Aggregator (but most of the time only Reddit News) is a pet project of mine (Hi! I'm @taranasus) to get the latest most interesting news feed directly to me so I don't have to search for it.

There is a bot living somewhere in the cloud that searches /r/worldnews /r/news and /r/upliftingnews news every hour and finds the most interesting news as voted by redditors. It then generates image tweets based on the articles it finds, imposing the news headline ontop of the image and blasts it out via the @reddit_news twitter handle.

I then have @taranasus following @reddit_news with notifications turned on so that every time something interesting happens in the world, I get to know about it, effortlessly.

You are all of course more than welcome to along as well if you think you like what you see. Check out the bar on the right to sample the types of articles the bot generates and if you think it would interest you, hit that like button and smash the subscribe and click the bell... sorry this isn't YouTube I got carried away. I also use @reddit_news to reply to people that interact with me/it so do not come in expecting this to be some professional news feed/source. I assure you, you will be disappointed. But if you're looking for casual conversation and news articles, this is it!

But yeah, the service is free and will most likely forever be free since I'm not really entitled to monetise any of this content. All I'm doing is filtering.

Oh if you have questions, concerns, want to tell me I'm a great person or an unsavoury one, feel free to tweet at any of the two accounts I've mentioned above. I'll do my best to respond to positive messages and completely ignore rude, insulting or otherwise nasty ones.

Oh! and retweet if you do like what you see, my tiny heart grows three times its size when someone likes something so much that they choose to share it with others.